Game Changing advances in biobutanol production

  • Normal-butanol is a $10 billion industry worldwide with demand being met primarily by production from oil or natural gas-derived feedstocks.
  • As the cost of fossil feedstocks increases, biobutanol production by fermentation of sugar feedstocks has become competitive.
  • Butrolix has a patent-pending process designed to convert low-cost feedstock sugars into biobutanol that promises to improve the production and economic equation of biobutanol fermentation forever.

Faster production for less cost

  • Butrolix is the first to use quorum sensing peptides to control biobutanol production. By adding a specific peptide to fermentations, we can synchronize the bacterial population to make more butanol and do it twice as fast as what can be achieved by engineering methods alone.
  • As the cost of fossil feedstocks increases, biobutanol production by fermentation of sugar feedstocks has become competitive.
  • Industrial fermentation has not seen a technological advance like this fordecades. The future of butanol is here – at Butrolix.

Good People. Good ideas.

Butrolix, LLC was formed in September, 2008 after Don Mattsson, PhD, discovered molecular components in butanol-producing bacteria that regulate biobutanol formation and realized the commercial value of that discovery. The company is based in Minnesota and has been capitalized using Founder investments and a Phase I SBIR award from the National Science Foundation.

Don Mattsson

Don Mattsson, Phd

Dr. Mattsson conducted extensive research on the bacteria that produce biobutanol during doctoral and post-doctoral training at the University of Minnesota between 1986 and 1997. Subsequently, as Director of Research in two different companies, he has organized and equipped research labs, developed strategic research plans and budgets, and led teams of scientists performing research in diverse areas.

Lisa Mattsson

Lisa Mattsson, MSW, JD

Ms. Mattsson serves informally as General Counsel for Butrolix, LLC. Her diverse background of experience includes Federal litigation, work with large companies for organizational development and leadership training, and creation of educational curricula for training in business and leadership ethics.

patent pending

A strong competitive advantage

  • Butrolix has a very strong patent opportunity because our technology is a new discovery. We were the first to discover the impact of quorum sensing peptides on biobutanol production, and the first to identify the peptides that increase biobutanol productivity.
  • We are also the first to patent these peptides and related uses, meaning we are likely to obtain broad patents that will be difficult to work around. Even if others can improve on our system, they will likely not have freedom to operate, giving Butrolix a very strong competitive position.